Sierra's online journal

About Me August 17, 2012

Sierra & Chris

I have a hard time talking about myself. This has become painfully clear to me as a blank “About Me” page has been open on my laptop for far longer than I care to admit while I do anything and everything to avoid actually typing something on it.

Let’s see….What’s to know? I am an office manger by trade, a control freak by birth, and a vegetarian by choice. I was lucky enough to have married my best friend Chris (that’s him up there in that picture with me) on November 1, 2008 and we have three beautiful children (see below).


Some of the things I enjoy (and will likely be blogging about) include:

  • Reading – I don’t leave home without my Kindle
  • Writing – I don’t do this enough any more; I’m hoping starting this blog will change that
  • Music – I listen to a little bit of everything, with a few exceptions
  • Spending time with friends – I have some pretty amazing people in my life and since you’ll undoubtedly get to meet many of them in my blog, I’ll wait until the time is right for proper introductions
  • Zumba – I might be addicted
  • Trying new recipes – I’m not the best cook but the hubby and I try to be adventurous with trying new dishes

Some of the things I aspire to be include:

  • A skinny person – Over the past year or so, I have shed about 70 pounds and am officially closer to my goal weight than to my starting weight
  • An author – Someday…

Want to learn more about why I’m blogging or what you can expect to see here? Check out my first post.


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