Sierra's online journal

About Me August 16, 2012


Just a music-loving, introverted, overthinker bumbling her way through her 30s.

[Updated February 2022]

I am quietly opinionated, can be a bit of a control freak, love to learn, and put the Q in LGBTQ+. I’m a fan of structure and rules but have a creative/whimsical side that is fighting like hell to escape. Thus, I started blogging in the hopes that it would push me to write more openly and consistently and to give myself a space to blather about topics that mean something to me. Sometimes the end result is funny, other times sad or moody. But every post comes from my heart and somewhat surprisingly, people actually read them every now and again, too.

Here I am, nine years into this project and just published my 50th post. (Okay, I’ll admit it. There’s some room for improvement when it comes to consistency.) My pet topics so far seem to revolve around parenting, relationships, and mental health because, as they say, “write what you know.” But as for where the next 50 posts will take me, who knows? Maybe more of the same, maybe something completely different as I continue to learn and grow. I DO know that I hope to incorporate more fiction here, though, as I continue to work toward my “someday” goal of completing a novel.

When I’m not writing, I’m probably reading. Or watching trashy reality TV…don’t judge. Or spending time with family; and I’ll interject here to say that my chosen “framily” are just as vital to me as my blood-related family. But my kids, one adopted and one biological, are my everything. Here they are; I’ll trust you to piece together who’s who.



So, yeah. Thanks for being here. Every read, reaction, and share has meant the world to me so far. And I hope you’ll stick around.



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